About us

We provide comprehensive range of graphic design, branding, print and digital marketing products with unrivalled service

About Us

Founder and managing director, Simon Hederman has been involved in printing since 1989. Anxious to do things differently for his clients, he set up HEDERMAN in January 2009, and has since developed the loyal client base, the dedicated team, and the improved systems and procedures that define HEDERMAN hassle-free services.


Simon is keen to offer HEDERMAN’s unique service standards to more and more companies and has recently put in place the capacity to grow the business while crucially still being able to provide the same high level of service that is the company’s raison d’etre:

“In a world where business is increasingly shifting towards automation and bots and generic solutions, HEDERMAN aims to provide better, more personal, and tailored service to our clients.”

Our Core Values

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What you should expect as a client of HEDERMAN is hassle-free, high quality graphic design, printing and digital marketing services. From advice on the best promotional solutions, through design and layout, to finished artwork, we aim to take the headache out of it for you right the way through to delivery of outstanding printed materials.

We pride ourselves on a proactive, can-do and hassle-free approach – whatever it takes to get the job delivered on time, right first time, and with the minimum intrusion on your day-to-day business.


Empty promises? No way: we have the testimonials from long-standing clients to back up these claims.

Our aim is to achieve all this without our clients having to pay more – great value for money!

We specialise in helping busy, frustrated business owners and marketers to get the most suitable and economical print, graphic design and digital marketing solutions delivered on time in full with no errors in a hassle-free and proactive manner so that they can concentrate on the other important aspects of growing their businesses.

Our core values

Continuous Improvement

Let me see how we can sort that out for you

Continuous Improvement

Let me see how we can sort that out for you

Continuous Improvement

Let me see how we can sort that out for you

Continuous Improvement

Let me see how we can sort that out for you

Our core values

A ‘can-do’ Attitude

We like to say ‘no problem’ and
not ‘can’t be done’

Attention to Detail

Critical in this business
at every level


Can be counted on to
follow through and deliver

Continuous Improvement

Constantly seeking to improve
everything that we do


The quality of being honest &
having strong moral principles


Clients know what’s going on,
as do your co-workers

Proactive Approach

Make things happen and
anticipate clients needs