Why Us

We provide comprehensive range of graphic design, print, branding and digital marketing products with unrivalled service.

Are you fed up with your print jobs being late, overpriced and just flat out wrong?

Do you find that buying graphic design and digital marketing often confuses and bewilders you?

Would you like free, no obligation advice, to help save you hassle and money?

Would you like to work with helpful people who know what they are talking about and who don’t use a lot of jargon?

Would you like to be able to get all your graphic design, print and digital marketing in one place?

Would you like to work with a company that offers a written satisfaction guarantee?

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We have a team with vast and varied experience in the ever-more-complicated graphic design, print, branding and digital marketing industries. That experience is what we will leverage on your behalf to get your job through the obstacles and pitfalls and errors that bedevil so many marketing efforts.


Behind the HEDERMAN culture delivering the best, most dedicated, personalised and hassle-free service to our clients is our passion for facilitating our clients’ successes and making their lives easier by being helpful, solution orientated and by going the extra mile for them.

Helpfulness may be an old-fashioned label but it is at the heart of our customer service.

Great Communication

We know from years of experience, and through feedback from our client surveys, that above almost all else, clients want to be kept informed of the progress of their design, print and marketing projects.  To deliver accurate and timely information, HEDERMAN have for several years now had a dedicated Client Service Manager whose job it is to keep our clients fully informed on the progress and delivery of their materials.

World Class Systems and Procedures

Over many years researching and refining how we operate, HEDERMAN has developed world-class systems and procedures which help reduce errors and hassle, improve efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs.

Experienced graphic design team

Our experienced graphic design team is eager to help develop the marketing materials that you need. Our graphic designers are all design-for-print experts, not just digital designers, so they know what to look for when ‘flight-checking’ artwork files for print. If the artwork passes our rigorous in-house tests they will print as they should. Guaranteed.

Experts at managing colour and quality

We have the experience and systems to ensure consistent quality of print and paper type used, and best possible colour matching across different print jobs, print processes and substrates. We know the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

We are best placed to manage and supervise the quality and colour consistency of all your printed collateral.

Design consistency

To ensure consistency of your brand across all your collateral, we can act as your “brand police” where necessary. We have extensive experience of working with brand guidelines and brand managers, and a team with the attention-to-detail training to be able to identify and eliminate any anti-brand behaviour!  We proactively put systems and templates in place for your specific brand.

The best suppliers

We only work with the very best suppliers – those who share our high standards of product quality and service delivery. Because our clients always come first, we are quick to drop suppliers (and have done so) when they are not delivering.

One point of contact

Where appropriate, we aim to become your trusted, single point of contact for all your graphic design, print, branding and digital marketing needs, managing your entire branded collateral and printed material so as to ensure consistency of design and quality of finish across your organisation and find economies in your print costs.

Saving your team time and reduce hassle

We will save your team time and reduce hassle so they can focus on what they do best – growing your business.

Reduce costs overall

Over time HEDERMAN should be able to reduce your overall printing costs through streamlining, better buying power, grouping orders, cost saving techniques, and most of all through efficiencies and time saving for you and your team.  We know which suppliers will provide the best balance of quality, turnaround time and price.


With HEDERMAN you can reduce risk with our guarantee that if there is an identifiable problem with the quality of a job we will replace/reprint for you at no extra cost.