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Case Study Decription

Our solutions

Cartrawler have been a client since 2012 and over that time they have probably become the client for whom we have done the most varied array of work.  Cartrawler have regularly come to us with unusual and demanding requests and we have put our many years of experience and vast resource of trade suppliers to good use helping them achieve the desired results.  When they moved to new premises in Dundrum we were delighted to be asked to produce and install much of the required internal branding, including printed wall graphics, glass wall frosted vinyls, LED edge-lit signs and much more.  We have also produced a variety of branded promotional products like pens, umbrellas and bags as well as brochures, reports and tender documents.

PopArt Walls

Cartrawler were looking for design ideas for the walls of their Creativity-hub. We designed, printed and installed these printed wall graphics.

Ryanair Carmen

After the Batman & Robin themed press announcement of the new partnership between Ryanair and Cartrawler there was a lot of print and online media coverage. Cartrawler wanted a way to present it all to Michael O’Leary. We produced a case bound A3 size book for which we designed the cover.

LED Edge lit signs

Cartrawler were looking for a simple yet impactful way to display their company logo in their reception. We proposed the LED edge-lit solution which was a great success.

Canteen Cubes

In collaboration with their marketing team we come up with a unique solution for displaying employee photos in a fun and adaptable manner. We designed, built and installed a pigeon-hole unit made from clear acrylic and printed the assorted cardboard cubes.

3D work wall

We worked in collaboration with Cartrawler and their creative agency to find the best solution and then produced the wall display and had it fitted on site.

400 Jobs launch

For a press conference to announce the creation of 400 new jobs Catrawler were looking for ways to get the message across. We produced several pieces of collateral including large cut out numerals and t-shirts.