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How do you get the word out about your hotel in a hotel industry that’s becoming more complex and complicated by the day?
OTA’s, SEO,SEM,Social Media,Ezines,Google Ads.It’s so easy to become overwhelmed. Digital Marketing is the best way to reach the right people, with so many hotels fighting for occupancy it is crucial you have the advantage over your competitors. At Hederman we are experts in taking the hassle out of your digital marketing. Using our proprietary Digital Acceleration Software, we’ll be able to show you how to find breakthroughs for your business in the key areas listed below. We will also be able to illustrate the financial impacts that can be realised and layout the specific road-maps to implement solutions.

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At Hederman for Hotels, we have every solution you need to make your hotel’s digital marketing work for you and most importantly see a good ROI.

We offer a range of services to take the hassle out of getting your hotel in front of the right people.

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Graphic Design and Videography

We can produce beautifully bespoke brochures for hotels as well as quality restaurant menus using exceptional skills in graphic design.

Our unbeatable print and digital projects not only promote your individual brand, but create stylish designs that are highly memorable.

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Your brand is important to us. We work with you to create a unique character and high design, including logos, signage, and branding literature.

Social Media Management

We can help you set up on the right platforms and develop effective strategies proven to engage your target audience or leave it all to us and one of our Social Media experts will take over your social media accounts.

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Social Media Paid Ads Management

Let us increase your sales through targeted paid advertisements using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Website Design and Content Management

Whether you need a brand-new website, need to rebrand and refresh your existing one, or need someone to update your website on an ongoing basis we will look after all this for you.

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Email Marketing

We will create, design, and manage your email marketing ensuring your client base is well informed of your latest offers and news.


Let’s get you found by the right people. We will optimise your website using keywords to improve your ranking and create pay-per-click campaigns so you are in control of your spend.

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Google Hotel Ads Management

New from Google. Google Hotel Ads displays your hotel availability and rates on Google Search and Google Maps. We will set this up and manage your ads for you.

Book Direct Advice and Campaigns

OTAs are charging huge commissions. Hederman will advise you on the best way to get direct bookings to your hotel and manage your book direct campaigns.

Holiday Reservation Website Interface Concept
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Bespoke Marketing Plans

Tell us your budget and we will create a detailed 12-month marketing plan for you to follow for both online and offline use.

Seasonal Remarketing

Visual content with happy and appealing images often results in more clicks. Use of people, sunshine and cocktails images for summer promotions or snow and skiing images for winter vacations on your metasearch profile, social media accounts, and official website will result in added traffic.  We will create and design all your seasonal updates for you.

Christmas Party Flyer

Competitor Analysis Report

Know what your competition is doing. We will do a monthly competitor analysis to ensure you are ahead of the rest.

We can create a bespoke package for your Hotel featuring some or all of the above.
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