Our Ways of Business

These are some of the guiding principles of the way we do business…

Print…at the right price.  We have a reputation for beating the competition on price because we know our print so well.

Solving client challenges.  We don’t just wait for you to tell us what to do; we find out what you want to achieve & offer you options. And we like to say “no problem” as opposed to “can’t be done”

Service – more than just smiles.  We take customer service very seriously.  It’s about much more than smiles and is at the heart of everything we do for customers. Put simply – we care.

Ownership of the job.  We take pride in our work, we follow through to the end and protect our reputation by making sure every job we do feels like it is for ourselves and by making sure clients are happy.

Attention to detail.  We know how critical it is that everything is exactly right – a missing comma, a slightly wrong size, a deadline missed by a minute can be a disaster. We know only too well that we have to be eagle eyed and on the ball.

After Sales.  We are happy to answer any questions you might have about files or best ways of handling materials etc.

    Our Mission
  • Armed with many years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the graphic design & print industry, our mission is to provide unrivalled service to our clients, to do whatever it takes to get a top quality job done on time and to have fun doing it.

What are Graphic Media Solutions
  • The graphic is your logo, company     identity, images, copy, layout etc.

    The media is what it is printed or     displayed on: from paper to card,        stickers, posters, vinyl, metal, T-shirts etc.

    The solutions are the best ways of     combining the two in print, to be on
        budget, on time, and on message.
Which are you?
  • looking for the best value printing prices     for your marketing material?
    needing some ideas for a way to promote     your business?
    in need of a logo and some stationery     done for your new venture?
    too busy to manage all your printing     needs?
    heading for a trade show and don't have     your posters?
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Companies we work with